General exemptions

General exemptions from the requirements under specific maritime rules that have been granted by Maritime NZ.

Current exemptions

GE-15-20 - Exemption from the requirements in Maritime Rule 53.4(2)(A)[PDF: 183kB, 1 page] GE-13-20 - Exemption from the requirements in Maritime Rule 40A.60, 40C.56, 40D.73 and 40E.57[PDF: 328kB, 2 pages] GE-12-20 - Exemption from the requirements in Maritime Rule 32.12(1)(C)(i) and 32.12(1)(C)(ii)[PDF: 516kB, 1 page] GE-11-20 - Exemption from the requirements in Maritime Rule 31.25(2) and 32.16(1)[PDF: 148kB, 2 pages] GE-09-20 - General exemption 49.5 and 49.11 Testing of ship lifting appliance and loose cargo gear every five years[PDF: 236kB, 2 pages] GE-04-20 - General exemption 49.6(1) annual examination of lifting appliances and loose cargo gear carried on a ship[PDF: 150kB, 1 page] GE-03-20 - General exemption from 31.25(2) and 32.16(1)[PDF: 287kB, 2 pages] GE-02-20 - General exemption from 31.25(1) and 32.10(1)[PDF: 223kB, 1 page] GE-01-20 - General exemption from 34.22(1) and 34.22(4)[PDF: 225kB, 1 page] 205-EX-19 - General exemption from 40F.9(3) (light crafts)[PDF: 688kB, 1 page] 190-EX-19 - General exemption from 40D.83 (periodic audit every 2 years for fishing ships less than 6m) 20191021[PDF: 727kB, 1 page] 189-EX-19 - General exemption from 40A.64 (periodic audit every 2 years on diving ships less than 6m)[PDF: 669kB, 1 page] 163-EX-18 NZ medical practitioners (Ring-fenced certificates)[PDF: 591kB, 1 page] 120-EX-18 Stand up paddleboard[PDF: 559kB, 1 page] 265-EX-15 Narrow-band Direct Printing[PDF: 905kB, 2 pages] GE-01-17 Egress or means of escape for passenger accommodation[PDF: 1.68Mb, 2 pages] GE-02-17 Means of launching the rescue boat on ships operating up to Restricted Coastal Limits[PDF: 1.18Mb, 2 pages] GE-04-17 Existing ships not having self-closing doors to machinery space (Category A)[PDF: 1.24Mb, 2 pages] GE-06-17 Egress width requirements for passenger accommodation[PDF: 1.19Mb, 2 pages] GE-07-17 Breathing apparatus sets[PDF: 1.04Mb, 2 pages] GE-08-17 Cargo and vehicle lifts or vehicle ramps not being examined by a Competent Person every 6 months[PDF: 1.29Mb, 2 pages] GE-09-17 Anchors (certificates) fitted on existing boats from Australia[PDF: 1.38Mb, 2 pages] GE-10-17 Portlights below the weather deck on a sailing ship[PDF: 1.23Mb, 2 pages] GE-12-17 Angle of maximum GZ for fishing ships not undertaking trawling, long-lining, towing or dredging[PDF: 1.16Mb, 2 pages] GE-13-17 Lifting appliance <300kg[PDF: 1.26Mb, 2 pages] GE-15-17 Using non-metallic bilge piping for ships <24 metres[PDF: 1.48Mb, 2 pages] GE-16-17 Using non-metallic pipework for seawater intake and discharge[PDF: 1.34Mb, 2 pages]

About the rules

Maritime and marine protection rules contain detailed technical standards and procedures and form part of New Zealand’s maritime law.

Rules overview