Maritime Rules 24E

Carriage of Cargoes - Offshore Containers

Current version of Part 24E

This rule applies to:

  • offshore containers for which New Zealand approval is requested.
  • offshore containers that are loaded onto or unloaded from a ship at an offshore terminal within New Zealand marine waters but beyond enclosed water limits.
  • New Zealand ships at offshore terminals within international waters.

Download Maritime Rules Part 24E[PDF: 144kB, 20 pages]

Part 24E prescribes requirements for offshore containers loaded and unloaded at offshore terminals and handled in open seas. Adverse weather and sea conditions and the dynamic lifting and impact forces, experienced in these areas, can be far greater than those provided for under the International Convention for Safe Containers 1972 and Part 24D. The requirements take into account handling conditions and container type in the design approval, manufacture and testing of offshore containers.

Part 24E also provides requirements for the manufacture and inspection, identification and marking of offshore containers. The control provisions include prohibitions on the lifting of unsafe and overloaded containers and unauthorised use or removal of approved identification plates and markings.

Part 24E incorporates the IMO ‘Guidelines for the Approval of Offshore Containers Handled in Open Seas’ published in MSC/Circ.860.

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Part 24E advisory circular

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History of Part 24E



This Part was amended by Maritime Rules Various Amendments 2015 in 2015.

Maritime Rules Various Amendments 2015 [PDF: 403kB, 15 pages]



This Part was amended by Part 24A: Carriage of Cargoes – Dangerous Goods in July 2014.

Part 24A: Carriage of Cargoes – Dangerous Goods 2014 [PDF: 556kB, 44 pages]


This part was amended by Parts 20, 31, 32, 34 and 35: Consequential Amendments in April 2014.

Parts 20, 31, 32, 34 and 35: Consequential Amendments 2014 [PDF: 378kB, 14 pages]


Advisory Circular

An advisory circular was published describing Part 24E.

Part 24E Advisory Circular 2007 [PDF: 378kB, 14 pages]


New part comes into force

Part 24E entered into force on 30 June 2005.