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Our key safety messages address the common factors that contribute to deaths in recreational boating.



Check your gear



Applying for a temporary maritime event

Regional safety information

The basics

Learn about responsibilities, the essential gear you need, boat maintenance, avoiding accidents and more.

You and your boat

Skipper responsibilities

Before you go out


Taking your boat overseas

Rules on the water

It is your responsibility to know and understand the rules before heading out.

Rules on the water

Boating courses

Coastguard Boating Education have a range of training and education opportunities for boaties, experts and schools.

Boating courses

Our safety campaign

Learn about our latest safety campaign and safety messages for recreational boaties.

Our safety campaigns

Our safety strategy

Boating research


Seafarer certification


Information for operators on how to enter into MOSS and keep compliant under the MOSS framework.

Entering into MOSS

Operating in the MOSS framework

MOSS audits

MOSS resources and tools

Contact a surveyor

Fees and charges

MOSS case studies


Read about requirements for operators of large ships working in New Zealand waters.

Ship registration

Cargo and carriage

Maritime Labour Convention


Find out what you must do to safeguard New Zealand’s marine environment when out of the water, at work or play.

Requirements for operators

Requirements for offshore installations

Requirements for port operations

Sewage discharge

Garbage disposal

Marine dumping

Fees and levies

View all our fees and levies for providing services and activities in the maritime sector.

All fees and levies

How to pay



Read our most recent or archived media releases.

Latest media releases


We aim to protect the marine environment by minimising waste and accidental spills, but have response capabilities in place for when they do happen.


Legislation, regulations and conventions

Oil, gas and mineral exploration

Environmental impact of oil

Responding to spills

Oil risk assessment


See how the coastline and seas have shaped New Zealand’s maritime history.


History of MNZ

MNZ timeline



We engage with the community and general public on a range of maritime matters through consultations and engagement.



The MNZ incident page contains current and historic information about incidents we are responding to or have managed in the past.


About us

What we do

Ensuring maritime activities are done safely, securely with little impact on the environment.



Safety and response

Maritime security

Policy development

International Engagement

Our standards of service

History of MNZ

People and structure

Get a snapshot of our people, the work they do and our organisation’s structure.

Our people and structure

Our Chief Executive

Maritime Officers

People we work with


As a Crown entity, our governance and management are separate, and governance responsibilities are overseen by a government minister.

Our ministers and governance

Our funding

Funding enables us to perform services and functions for the maritime sector.

Our funding

The Maritime Levy

Oil Pollution Levy (OPL)

Changes to our funding


Read about the functions and responsibilities around communicating, applying and enforcing the legislation we administer.

Legislation and regulations

Legislation we administer

Careers with us

Find out what it’s like to work for Maritime New Zealand, view what jobs are available, and see how you can apply.

Careers with us

Corporate publications

As a Crown entity, we have a responsibility to report to parliament and the public on our performance.

Annual reports

Statements of intent

Statement of Performance Expectations