North Cape operation - update five

22 March 2022

22 March 2022 The search for the last missing person from the vessel Enchanter will resume this morning.

Five of the 10 people on-board were rescued, while Police have confirmed four people died.

Conditions this morning are mixed for searchers, with poor visibility and showers, while moderate seas are forecast.

Rescue Coordination Centre spokesman Nick Burt says today’s operation will be a mix of on and in the sea, as well as having support from the air.

Three vessels, two helicopters and one fixed-wing aircraft will be involved in the search today.

They are being briefed this morning, before heading off-shore at about 8.30 am.

"While we have a number of locations of interest, we need to thoroughly check over about 500 nautical miles of ocean," he says.

It is likely the wreckage from the boat would have drifted with the current overnight, so the first goal will be locating it.

If any areas of interest are found, the Police Dive Squad will be deployed.

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