Maritime response Shiling update 11

18 May 2023

The Shiling will remain at anchor at Tasman Bay until at least the start of next week.

It has been anchored at Tasman Bay since 13 May. The Skandi Emerald (an ocean going tug)has been supporting, and will tow the Shiling to Wellington once the voyage and towage plans have been signed off, the weather conditions are judged safe for the tow and CentrePort has space for the vessel.

Maritime NZ needs to sign off the plans before the two vessels can depart Tasman Bay.

Incident Controller David Billington says the Skandi Emerald and the Shiling have been working together with a towage expert to prepare for the transportation of the vessel from Tasman Bay to Wellington.

"Moving this vessel safely is a top priority," he says.

The towing of the Shiling by the Skandi Emerald is expected to take about 20 hours, and from its current location at Tasman Bay to Wellington is between 100 and 120 nautical miles depending on the route taken.

"This means conditions for Tasman Bay, the Cook Strait and Wellington need to be taken into account when planning the voyage.

"Timings around the tow and arrival into Wellington are still to be confirmed. However, an opportunity has been identified for the tow to be undertaken early next week.

Maritime NZ is working closely with the Wellington Harbourmaster and CentrePort as they plan for the Shiling’s journey to and arrival in Wellington. 

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