VHF marine radios save lives

A VHF radio is your rescue network at sea. Your call can be heard by many people at the same time and the distress channel - channel 16 - is monitored 24/7.

Are you VHF Ready?

Why a VHF radio should be one of your two waterproof ways to call for help at sea, and four simple steps to make sure you’re ready for an emergency.

VHF ready?


Buying a VHF radio

A marine VHF radio costs less than a modern smartphone and has extra benefits. But some models are better than others. Here are some important things to keep in mind when buying a VHF radio.

Buying a VHF


Know your VHF radio’s limits

VHF radio has limited coverage in inland waterways and some other areas – find out where a beacon is best, and check which communications are recommended for your boating activity.

VHF limits


VHF radio courses and resources

You need to know how to use your VHF properly. Sign up for a course, get a call sign for your boat, and check out our resources.

Learn how to use a VHF


Download VHF Fact Sheet

Everything you need to know about VHF radio [PDF: 47kB, 5 pages]

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